Le Ronde

Ghibellina PLUS





Ronda Ghibellina PLUS

The ultimate challenge: 80 kilometers for 4,000 meters of elevation gain for a maximum running time of 17 hours. Destiny and the challenge with oneself, by night and day: amazing even for the most prepared athletes! An epic venture, almost like the beginning of a legend.

Ronda Ghibellina

One step above the killer race and nearly at the top of the challenge, for a name that is at the heart of everything the trail stands for: 45 wild kilometers for a maximum of 10 hours of expected running time. Only for athletes ready and willing to do anything to truly relive the pathos of ancient medieval tales.

Ronda Assassina

Things are starting to get tough. 25 kilometers on an elevation gain of 1,200 meters that must be covered in a maximum of 6 hours. To be pictured carrying heavy armor and sharp swords. But do not fool the fearsome name: the most difficult trials are yet to come.

Ronda Minima

Around here, these 12 kilometers seem almost like a warm-up, but don’t underestimate it, it could lead you to discover new and unexpected sides of yourself, and that could be just the beginning of the adventure.

Ronda Skynight

The darkness, the cold, the mystery, it is here that your worth is tested. A striking 15-kilometer Ronda by night, complete with a headlamp to light the way. On this adventure into the dark, there is no messing around: full attention and impeccable equipment are required for an experience that will leave a lasting impression on you.